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Hi there, fellow service members! We're right there with you, understanding the importance of efficiency and excellence in our roles, no matter which branch we serve - Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard. That's why we poured our hearts into creating RapidEPR, to make the challenging task of writing performance report bullets simpler and faster, giving you back some of that precious time.

As developers and service members ourselves, we built RapidEPR from the ground up, dedicating countless hours to coding, testing, and refining to ensure it helps your achievements shine in any military branch report. This isn't backed by some big company - it's a labor of love and dedication to support you, our fellow service members.

We really wanted RapidEPR to be free for everyone. We tried to make this happen by including ads, but unfortunately, they were all getting blocked on government networks, where most of you are accessing RapidEPR. This was causing us to lose money out of our own pockets consistently. So, we had to make the tough call to introduce a small fee. Trust us, it wasn't an easy decision, but it's necessary to keep the website up and running for the long haul. We hope you can understand where we're coming from.

Your input and experience are absolutely essential in making RapidEPR the best it can be. If you run into any issues or have ideas to make the platform even better, please don't hesitate to reach out on the contact page or join us on Discord. Your support is what keeps RapidEPR going as a reliable and efficient tool for crafting those perfect performance report bullets, helping all of us highlight our dedication and impact on our respective services.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us!

Meet the Team

  • Blake McCarn

    Founder / CEO

    Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Blake Green


    Charlotte, North Carolina

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